Mobile Float

Participants that walk the parade route only, with no float of any kind.

Activity/Entertainment Group

Participants that walk the parade route only, with no float of any kind.

Walking/Not for Profit Groups

Participants that walk the parade route and drive the parade route with some participants situated inside/on the motorized vehicle at all times.

General Guidelines
  • The early bird deadline is Monday, October 2. Applications received by this date will be considered first. The final application deadline is Friday, October 20. Applications submit- ted after this date will be considered only if there is space remaining in the parade.
  • The Organizing Committee reserves the right to select participants that are best suited to the event. If selected, you will be sent a participation confirmation with instructions on submitting payment and the required documentation. Failure to provide this by the spec- ified date could result in your group being unable to participate in the Parade.
  • Participants are asked to incorporate the theme when dressing their walking group or designing their float. Commercial motorized vehicles must be decorated as a float. Participants not in compliance may be asked to withdraw from the parade.
  • The name of the participating organization may appear on the sides, back or front of the Float. The name of a commercial business may appear on a sign in the following manner (if commercial entry fee paid), “Sponsored by…”.
  • Participants must be entertaining to a family audience primarily made up of children be- tween the ages of two to 11. Please give considerable time and thought to the creativity and design of your walking group or
  • No participant may depict Santa Claus and/or Mrs.
  • No participant or costume may depict anything political, controversial or otherwise of- fensive within the sole discretion of the Event Representative.
  • Participants are not allowed to solicit or distribute coupons/novelties, food and/or beverages. Candies will be distributed by official Parade volunteers only, unless otherwise authorized by the Event Representative.
  • Any consumption or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs is forbidden before, during and after the Parade festivities. Any individuals that are caught will be dismissed from the Parade immediately and the proper authorities will be notified.
  • Richmond Hill is committed to promoting a smoke-free environment. In accordance with the Smoke-Free Policy, smoking is not permitted on the parade route. We ask all partici- pants to follow this policy.