Activity/Entertainment Group

Entry Regulations

Before the Parade

B1.There shall be only ONE SANTA CLAUS and he will ride on the Erin Mills Auto Centre Santa Claus oat at the conclusion of the Parade.
B2.All entries shall be decorated to the Parade standards.
B3.All entries shall submit a description of the oat/entryWITH the submission of the online entry application.This description should detail the construction and makeup; plus background and theme of the entry. This description will be used by the Entry Evaluation Committee to determine the entry approval.
B4. If the oat is drawn by a truck or tractor, the cab must be at least 80% decorated.
B5.All vehicles and oats shall be inspected for SAFETY and DECORATION prior to entry into the Marshaling area.
B6. Each entry must provide its own insurance coverage and agrees, by participating in the Parade, to hold both The Mississauga News Erin Mills Aut Centre adn all its af liates free of liability for any accident or injury caused by or involving a unit and its vehicles, animals, or people.
B7.We ask that you pay particular attention to the length, width AND height of your entry when completing this portion of the applica- tion. Measurements must be accurate – No guessing! Space in the Marshalling area is limited and incorrect measurements (which tend to be short) cause signi cant issues as the Parade assembles.
Length is to be calculated from the front bumper of the “pulling” vehicle to the rear bumper of the oat.Your overall length measure- ment must include the vehicle pulling your oat – entrants often forget to include this important part of their entry.The height restric- tion is 12‘0” and is to be calculated from the road surface to the highest point of the oat.Also, if your entry is wider than a standard tractortrailer width, please advise us accordingly on your application.
If your entry is longer, wider or higher than the measurements you have supplied, you may not be permitted to enter the parade due to space restrictions and safety concerns.

Construction of the Float

C1.All entries shall be decorated with lighted materials.
C2.There shall be NO OPEN FLAMES.
C3. Floats must be safe.There shall be no sharp edges or protruding nails.
C4. Railings or handlebars must be provided for all riders who are standing. All children must be seated and be secured in their seats. There shall be no exceptions!
C5. In the event of emergency, the driver and all people on the oat must be able to get off the oat immediately.
C6. Floats shall have decorating skirts covering the sides of all vehicles to the axle height.You might also consider a “low-riding” trailer as the bed of a standard atbed trailer is not readily visible to children standing or sitting along the route.
C7.All drivers shall be licensed to drive the vehicles they are operating.
C8. All oats shall have a minimum of one Fire Extinguisher (ABC – 10-lb. capacity minimum). Safety chain and safety hitch chains are required on all oats. Fire Extinguisher(s) shall be easily accessible whether on the oat or at street level.The driver of the vehicle and the entry manager(s) must be aware of extinguisher location(s); as well as trained in its use.
C9.Towing vehicles shall be in good mechanical condition and be properly fuelled and serviced prior to the Parade.
C10.Animals shall be parade broken with a cleanup crew provided.The participant takes full and sole responsibility for any animals and any actions of the animals participating in the Parade.
C11.The driver must have clear vision ahead and to the sides.
C12. Generator and/or vehicle exhaust pipes shall extend beyond the decorations. C13.All powered equipment shall be CSA/UL approved and in good working condition.
C14.As silly as this may seem — please ensure your parade vehicles and generators have a full tank of gas on parade day. We include this reminder due to past unhappy experiences.

During the Parade

D1.Any entry not passing the advance SAFETY and STANDARDS inspection will not be allowed to participate in the parade.
D2.All entries shall conduct themselves in an orderly fashion. Marchers shall walk behind the entry — NOT IN FRONT OF IT.All participants shall be dressed in parade theme attire.The number of Marchers is limited to 15.
D3.There will be NO STOPPING or REVERSING once the Parade is underway. Marchers who stop or slow down to perform along the Parade route seriously affect the spacing and integrity of the Parade.Any Marchers causing delays shall be pulled out IMMEDI- ATELY! At the start of the Parade each entry will be spaced appropriately by the Chief Parade Marshal. Entrants will do their utmost to maintain the pace of the Parade, as set; as well as the minimum (50’) and maximum (100’) distance between them and the entry in front of them – for the duration of the Parade. Parade Marshals may require you to slow or stop for SAFETY reasons.This is the only time stopping is permitted! The driver and manager(s) of your entry must be aware that they are to follow the instructions of the Parade Marshals at all times.
D4. PARTICIPANTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO THROW OR DISTRIBUTE ANYTHING ALONG THE PARADE ROUTE. If any entry throws items from the oat, or attempts to distribute items, Parade Marshals have the authority to pull the entry from the Parade IMMEDIATELY!
D5.Although music is no longer mandatory on oats, it is preferred. If music is part of your entry, it must be Christmas music. Speak- ers must be situated so they are facing out to the sides of the oat; and NOT facing toward the front or rear. Please give consider- ation to the entry that may be behind or in front of you!
D6.The Committee will provide a professionally prepared banner for each entry. Each entry must supply two banner carriers, dressed in costume, who will operate under direction of a Parade Marshal and follow our Parade rules and regulations.
Your banner will be produced using the name of your entry as recorded in the “organization name” section in the Parade Manage- ment System. No other banners or signage shall be permitted.